i know this post shouldn't be posted

because telling about feeling and emotion is a little difficult for me 

that's why my frens said " far kalau tak puas hati pun, aku tak tahu sbb dia diam aje " ^^

that's i inherited from my dad, pendiam n less humour, maybe.. itupun kalau anda kenal saya.

But as i feel safe and secure maybe akan lain pula jadinya :D

Reading my frens blog about their ex or someone he/she like or love ?

make me feel want to burst it out this morning..huhu

Actually at this time bukan bz hape just have to endure much finishing my report for CHC

sungguhlaa sapa suruh amek kos time cecuti neyh?? 

kan dah malas giler..pastu kne balik ukm awal T_T

And u know why.. somehow i feel a little afraid to be an adult,

lepas ni kena endure dengan practical and thesis.

Saya harap saya dapat kuatkan semangat ! insyallah..

Maybe i'm happy and comfort with what i have now, but my mum frequently said about boys, to find a good husband and bla..bla..bla

i know..she married early 21 years old but she should understand that i'm not as lucky as her. :)

Selamat hari lahir mama, this is the pizza that my family and i made <3

Compared to pizza hut this one is differ ! u know why ? because it has a touched of love from me and adik2 :)
*sound dirty eh? hehee kitorunk dah wash our hand dulu taw before campak2 topping tu.


 "Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You'll be alright
No one 
can hurt you now
Come morning light
You and I'll be safe and sound"

"How to be brave
how can i love when i'm afraid
to fall"

*the thruth is i'm longing someone .

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2 ice cream for me ;):

Ash-The-Latitude said...

macam sodap je piza tuh. boleh bagi sikit? ^.^V

azkiya farhana said...