Dear rabbits,

Dear rabbits,

Thank you , thank you, thank you very much for all your contribution in my final year project/which we called thesis.

From you i learned many things..

How it is very hard and stressful situation in getting your blood by piercing your vein, *luckily i can tolerate with you very well. Hmm.. thinking after this i'll be capable becoming a nurse who usually taking human blood from a vein for test sampling ^_^ then kesian human tu. hahaha :D

How u are the one who hear all my complaint, grievance and happiness for this 6 months.. Rabbits dah pandai call me kakak. However, it is something that i dont know. hehehe
Sometimes, the tears fell down because we have to take your blood by lots of harshful way. 
*almaklum kami budak baru belajar. 
Sometimes, i wonder whether can i hear all your sadness..
If you are hungry can i hear you shout to me?
Because we always late giving u food and drinks sampai satu masa you jadi garang kan2 betul tak?? i tahu rabbits we are all ciptaan-Nya.
If you are sick also we couldn't know ;'(
Cuma kami tahu kamu lemah dan tak melawan bila masuk straining box.
But, afterall you are adapting with it.. Thank you ! 

Now, one of you had been sacrificed. i have no heart to do that to you. Waiting others to take action. 
It's time to finishing my manuscript. Mudah-mudahan ada jalan-Nya.. InsyaALLAH :')


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1 ice cream for me ;):

nana belladonna said...

congrates coz u have done ur labwork n good luck in finishing ur manuscript dear..chaiyok2!