Memories never fade

Assalamualaikum ;)

Yesterday.. was my bestfriend birthday Aqidah, n before that Sakinah Azmi..
She's very happy when i wish her by SMSing after a long time lost contact.. :)
Sorry dear, but i never forget all our memories <3


Below was other picture that remain me of school ^^

 Can u find me? MAHER dari form1-5 tapi tak jadi MT.guess why?

  Jamuan Tiara

Memories masa duk college ngan geng XD

Good Luck Aqidah, for yr exams
Tak sangka u n sakinah duduk satu bilik!
Qidah + Kinah = medical student Uitm
Titi + Far = Pharmacist student

Then after study bole join venture tak?? *wink2

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0 ice cream for me ;):