My First Lesson

Assalamualaikum :61:
A few things happen in a day which is yesterday. That evening i'm very happy that i can fetch my lil brother from his hostel MAAHAD MUAR. It was rainy day and of course i have prob while driving as i just get my car license. But because i've promise to Ilyas. I drove with my brother,
Yan beside me . When Ilyas got in the car, and i pun tak tengok2 suddenly an accident happen.:face24:
It was between me and a Nissan mpv. :face31:The car just laju je jalan and suddenly i feel like apsal kerete ni makan jalan orang? It was at the corner and maybe i yang salah kot, i kerete kancil je should give way to him. Ok i got my first lesson. But my mum surely will not easily give me the car next time.:face37:
Yesterday night we have a lil farewell party:44: at Ceria Maju Restaurant. It was to celebrate my father's boss who got transfered to another branch. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my phone. So, there is no photo for that night. :22: I wore a simple purple baju kurung with black syria.:60:Enough for yesterday but i'm a lil afraid now to drive.:face41:
Today my aunt sent pulut kuning which is my fav dulu.hehe Now feeling like nothing when i eat it. Plus wif my empty stomach. Hey, who can help me to eat? So that i gain my weight not like now.:10:
*:n:i just use broken english k.

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5 ice cream for me ;):

nurpiska said...

don't give up:)

azkiya farhana said...

thanx nurpiska ;)

Cikya said...

bawak kereta elok-elok, jangan give up okeh..
kemalangan tu biasa, doa minta selalu selamat perjalanan.. :)
take care dear..

f. said...

comei ar strong ye far.

azkiya farhana said...


thanx cikya.. insyallah cuma baru blaja n tak brani =_=


thanx farid ;) font donlod greasemonkey, ntah btol tak aku eja ni